Training Plans

Four weeks in to my chosen training plan and I would say I’m going “ok”.  I’ve managed the three core runs each week (except for this week!) but no extras and I haven’t stuck to it 100%.  But that’s ok and I’m happy with what I’ve been doing and my legs feel like they’re getting stronger.

Most weeks I’ve managed a 45 minute orienteering run which I’ve counted as a “Speed” session along the lines of a fartlek/interval.  Although with my toe still in recovery mode I’ve been taking it a little easier and am just getting back to pace on these now.  There’s been a treadmill session each week which has mostly been intervals. My paces on these are based on a line I semi-randomly chose from the Nike training plan based on one of the only times I’ve done a straight 10km run and my currentish 5km road pace.  I’ve been finding these a bit slow and the intervals a bit easy, so I’ll probably increase these paces a little over the next few weeks.

Then there’s the Endurance run on the weekend.  I think I’ve done one of these properly which was last weekend.  The first two weeks I was supposed to do a 6.5km slow and steady – one week I did trails and the other I was on a girls weekend away and managed to squeeze in a fast 4km instead.  This weekend I’m a bit under the weather, so chose not to run.  So the only real one of these I’ve done is last weekends 10km.  I didn’t want to run the hilly 10km my husband heads out on most weekends, so just did a flattish out and back instead.  It’s a long time since I did a 10km steady run – in fact, I’ve only ever done it twice before!  I slowed right down and managed to keep moving the whole way (minus two pauses at traffic lights).  My other goal was to slightly increase my pace as I went which I also succeeded with!  Every kilometre in the second half was faster than every kilometre in the first half with kilometre nine being my fastest.

Now it starts getting a bit more focussed.  The speed sessions get a bit more intense and I’ll be increasing the pace as well.  The long runs also get a lot longer quite quickly, jumping from 10km to 13km next week and 16km the following week!  The treadmill is definitely getting some use.


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