Stumbling Blocks

After a few weeks of physio in January to sort out my hip, the start of February was off to a great start.  Last week the latest of the summer heatwaves really set in and all bets were off as I waited for the cooler weather that was due.  We stayed away (in air conditioning!) for a couple of days, heading home as the southerly changes were hitting, my mind already planning when/how my next runs would be.  Unpacking the car, I kicked a stack of wood at the back of the carport.  Damn that hurt, hang on, no, that really, really hurt!

I iced my toes for close to an hour in the vain hope that it was just a minor stubbed toe and I would be right in a bit.  After an hour of ice and rest I took a few steps.  Nope, off to the GP.  Probably broken was the consensus, but get an x-ray in 2-3 days just to check.  In the meantime, tape it up and keep off it as much as possible.  The pain when touching it was excruciating.  Nooooo!  We had just signed up for a 6 hour rogaine in two weeks time.

Needless to say, I wasn’t being overly dramatic and the x-ray showed a fracture in my middle toe.  The bruising is really quite spectacular, but oddly enough there’s very little swelling.  The GP I saw this time was quite optimistic about the whole thing.  It’ll be right in 2-3 weeks.  When can I run again?  Oh, in another week you should be right, it might hurt a bit, but it will be ok.  So, I have a 6 hour event in 10 days, will that be ok?  Sure, the fracture will be fine, it’s just about managing the pain and how long you can deal with it.  Ok….

At this point, I’m going to give a walk on the treadmill a go on the weekend and see how it copes – I’m currently still limping a little, but the pain is reducing quite quickly (although I still haven’t poked it again).  It means my goal of getting to 30km for the rogaine won’t be happening, but at least we should still be able to make it.




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