Goals from 2016

So how did I go in 2016 for the goals I set myself at the start of the year?  Below is my list from early in the year:

  • Sydney Summer Series: Finished the season having made it to 12 of the 26 events.  Since your top 12 scores are taken into account for the final tally, this was my goal to get to.  I didn’t do well, but the aim was to get along and just keep going and improving my map skills, route planning, etc.  Ran most of them with Nick which had its good and bad points (for both of us!).
  • 2-3 Rogaines: Squeezed in 3 rogaines this year!  Two earlier in the year and the final one at the end of November.  We only made it to the metro events, so I’m hoping to get along to something a little further afield in the next couple of years.
  • Great Nosh Footrace (16k) <2hrs: First date was rained out by an absolute deluge and storm that destroyed parts of Sydney’s coastline.  Made it to the new date and had trouble with my achilles cramping in both legs again this year.  Along with the additional distance and elevation, I only managed the same time as the previous year.  Checking a few other people that I know ran both years, it seems everyone ran a little worse this year than previously.
  • Turkey Trot (12k) <1:40: Made it in 1hr 48m for over 13km of navigation.  This was a pleasant run together and was interesting seeing more of the trails in the suburbs.  Maybe make the time goal next time!
  • 2 Metro League: Made it along to one.  Didn’t really enjoy it.  Didn’t look too hard for another to get to.  Might try again this year if it’s convenient and we have nothing else on.
  • Goanna – medium: Did it!  Took a little while to get my head in the map, was a very slooooow run, but interesting area that I haven’t been into before.  Much more a bush navigation than most orienteering events I’ve done.
  • Parkrun – regular sub-30’s: Ha!  Haven’t managed a single sub-30 5km the entire year.  Only made it along to a few Parkruns early in the year and we haven’t been back.  A lot of other things took over our lives this year, but with a new Parkrun recently started where we now live, maybe we will get along this year.  Then again, maybe not.

Coming soon: Goals for 2017


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