The Year That Was – The Numbers

And just like that, another year is gone.  2016 went out with a whimper – running wise anyway.  So what did my year look like:

  • Distance: 468km
  • Elevation: 6,286m
  • Runs: 70

Didn’t reach my goal of 500km for the year.  4 months of very low distances due to injury made sure of that.  I did, however, increase my monthly average km’s from 30km in 2015 to 40-50km/mth for the months I was fit enough to run.  And elevation increased from 3500m – the majority of my runs now include some hills, with a flat run being a bit of a treat instead of the norm.  I only increased the number of runs I did in the year by 10, again, being laid up for nearly a third of the year with injuries  didn’t help there.

For this year?  A goal of 600km total distance, a treadmill so I can fit in more than one run a week in winter, and head for 10,000m elevation – that one’s definitely a stretch.  Another post coming soon with goals for the year outside of these.


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