November Stats

November was low on the number of runs, but with a 20km run in there it kept the distance up.

  • Runs: 6
  • Distance: 51.3km
  • Elevation: 955m

Strava gives me a more satisfying 1056m elevation for the month, I’ve cracked 500m elevation in a month a few times this year, but never the 1000m before.  Unfortunately my last run for the month didn’t track properly on my gps, it dropped out for 8 minutes, negating one hell of a hill climb which would have seen me get pretty close to that 1000m mark on Garmin.

Cumulative kilometres for the past 12 months is at 448km (421km this year), which unfortunately means I won’t be hitting the 500km for 2016.  Given my injury time outs though, I’m not surprised I won’t make it, but I will get over 450km.


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