Run Down Under

My progress on RunDownUnder stalled a bit over August and September.  My plan to continue with 10km runs on the weekends and then start picking up some extra runs once September hit completely failed.  Second run into August and less than 2km into my run I was barrelling down some rocky single track having an absolute blast on a gorgeous winters day.  The wildflowers were all out and I my aim was to have some fun on the trails and take photos of as many different flowers along the way as I could.  When all of a sudden I came a cropper on some rocks, heard a crack in my ankle and down I went.  Thank goodness for my compression socks, I reckon they’re the only thing the held the ankle together long enough for me to clamber back out along the track to the nearest road and await my pickup.  Suspected fracture that turned out to “just” be a really nasty sprain.  Had me out for the count until late September.

Pretty wildflowers

Pretty wildflowers

Sore ankle

Sore ankle











So, my progress came to a standstill and it took me around 3 months to make the <70km I needed to get from Sydney to Wyong.  I finally made it in late October and am now steadily making my way along the 70+km to Newcastle.  I’m keeping my runs shorter, more road based (to avoid twisting ankles) and not pushing my pace until the ankle feels really strong again.  I’m managing to clock up 10-15km each week though, so I should hit Newcastle in late November.


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