Run Down Under – made it to Sydney!

Over the last year, my wish list for birthday and christmas has had a definite increase in running related items on it.  Last Christmas, my husband signed me up to Run Down Under for the year.


The basic premise of Run Down Under is that you go for your runs and upload them to the site and it tracks the total number of kilometres you have run and then tracks your progress as you make your virtual way around Australia.  I upload my runs to Garmin, which then automatically syncs to Strava.  Then when I log in to Run Down Under, I tell it to sync with Strava and it uploads my runs and does loads of funky stuff – tells me how far I am overall, for the year, for the week, tracks it all on rankings tables.

The point of this post?  After starting in Canberra, and making your way counter clockwise around the country, every so often you pass through a “destination”.  You get an email congratulating you and some interesting snippets of information about the town.  Last week I made it to the first major destination – Sydney!  Finally!!!


I had hoped to get there in June, but injury, illness, etc was against me and I finally made it to Sydney the first weekend of July, thanks to the Turkey Trot.  Apparently they even send you out a gift!  I’ll post it once it gets here.

Next destination?  Wyong is about 68km off – so a couple of months if I’m lucky.  Next major destination is Brisbane, roughly 1000km and therefore two years away.  Estimated time for me to make it around the entire loop at my current rate – 5 March 2044, although I’m optimistic that I can do it a little more quickly than that!


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