May-June Numbers

I’ve spent a fair bit of the past two months sick with one thing or another and certainly haven’t managed to get in the number of runs I would have liked.  Given this, my numbers aren’t as bad as I might have thought.

I finished out May with the following – ok given I was pretty sick most of the month.

  • Runs: 3
  • Distance: 21.2km
  • Elevation: 352m

I’m happy enough with my June numbers though for a winter month.

  • Runs: 7
  • Distance: 40km
  • Elevation: 520m

I only did this many runs in June as I had a weeks leave in early June and the weather was perfect.  That combined with a long weekend let us squeeze in a few more runs than otherwise would have been possible.

Running total for the past year is heading in the right direction.  I’m still aiming to get this number to 500km for the past year.

  • Distance: 411km
  • Elevation: 4572m

I have no particular aim for elevation, maybe that can be a new goal for next year!


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