Today is the Sydney Turkey Trot which is listed in my goals.  We ran the medium course last year – an approximately 12km straight line orienteering course.  Last year my aim had been to stick to about a 7:30/km pace which we managed pretty much bang on for the first 8km.  After that first hour though, I didn’t have anything more and it took close to 45 minutes for the last 4km.

This year the aim is to stick to the 7:30/km pace for the whole thing – possibly a little optimistic at this point, but let’s see what happens!

A couple of days ago, there were less than 50 entries overall and only 3 in the womens medium course – basically a guarantee of a placing.  Checking now though, there are over 75 entries with six entries in the womens medium course.  Oh well, maybe another time.

I’m really looking forward to running tomorrow.  I’m not getting to run anywhere near as regularly as I would like over winter, but at least the runs I am doing are longer than what I usually manage.


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