Saturday Results

Turns out we didn’t do quite as badly as we first thought.  We compared to previous Saturday events and this one was a lot longer overall, with most people taking over an hour to complete the same course we did – other events were closer to half an hour.

With numbers seeming well down on average, probably due to the rain, we came 12th/13th out of 20 who took part in the same course.  Quickest on course was under 50 minutes while a couple took over two hours and a couple mispunched – very easy to do here.

In hindsight, this was a really good course.  There was a lot of running across the entire map, the trails were mostly clear with the controls set out partly in full view, partly hidden – enough that you had to pay really close attention to the map, anyway.  I’ve pulled up well, my legs know they worked but still feel strong.  My ankle is sore from when I went over it, but I can walk comfortably enough.

On to the next challenge!


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