Managing My Asthma

After the last two runs where I struggled with my breathing – more than expected after not running for a while – it was time to head back to the doctor and find out more about managing my asthma.  Luckily my GP is also a runner and keen to get me back out being able to run normally again as soon as possible.

He got me to do a peak flow test – not ideal when I’m still suffering symptoms but still worth starting to track so we can identify any changes.  Apparently I was at 96% of expected.

After reducing my dose as initially directed, I’m now back on two puffs twice a day for at least two weeks to try and get it under control again.  After that, down to one puff twice a day for a couple of months but going back up to the higher dose if I find it’s not controlling things enough.  Then maybe, just maybe, at the end of winter I will be able wean off it entirely – until the next time, anyway.

My trail run is the only run I’ve done since going back on increased asthma meds and it started tough too, but I don’t think things had completely kicked in at that point.  Not sure when my next run will be.  Hoping for an orienteering run on Saturday, but that’s weather and health dependent.

Added “bonus” – the steroids in the inhaler have made my voice husky, so I’m going to have a crap voice for several months.  I hope this doesn’t happen every year.



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