Back on the Local Trails

It was tough getting myself out on the weekend, but a long weekend with no run just wouldn’t be right.  So, Sunday lunchtime, I pulled my shoes on and headed out the door planning for an 8km run along our local trails.

The first 500 metres was so, so difficult.  My breathing was as hard as if I was at the end of my run, not the start but my heart rate was nice and low.  Damn asthma again!  Fingers crossed that it would sort itself out after a while, I pulled back to a walk up the first little hill and then picked up my pace as the road leveled out.  Then it was downhill for nearly one kilometre by which time I had warmed up and my breathing had sorted itself out – yay!


Then I was properly on the trails, still a bit muddy in places from the recent rain, but not nearly as much water in the creeks as I expected.  It was a beautiful day, my legs felt good, the sun was shining and there were plenty of other people out enjoying the day too.  I pushed on up the hill, walking when needed – 15 minutes and 80 metres elevation gain by way of steps and rocks, tree roots sticking out everywhere and every now and then a 10 metre stretch of smooth trail.  Then it was (nearly) all smooth running back downhill again.

I was passed by a mountain bike just as we got back on the fire trail, he slowed right down though on the slight uphill.  Just the motivation I needed to keep running up that incline – could I catch him again?  So close!  I made it within a few metres of him before the trail headed downhill again and he got away from me.


The long, gentle uphill back out of the valley was hard, I walked a lot of it, then I was back on the road again for the final stretch home to finish up with exactly 8km.  My time was ok, I have to remember that I’m still getting my run legs back after a month off and my breathing is working exactly as it should yet.  Plenty of time to improve on some of the strava segments along the way.

  • Distance: 8km
  • Time: 1:05:28
  • Elevation: 136m

And the perfect, sunny winter day as seen from our back deck while doing some post run stretches, my legs were definitely hurting after those hills!



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