First Parkrun for the Girls

We went along to Parkrun on the weekend, our first one in a couple of months.  The girls have been begging to “run with mummy” for a while now, so while my husband ran, we hung out at the back of the pack.

My 3yr old started my running watch when every one got going.  Then we organised ourselves with the carrying of water and holding hands and started off at a bit of a jog.  They loved it!  My older girl found holding hands too restricting, so went a little ahead doing a busy little, bum wiggling, arm pumping, running action looking very purposeful in her pink trackies, hoodie, sunnies and flashing shoes.  The 2yr old wasn’t quite as independent having taken a tumble while out yesterday, so clung on for dear life, but still got a nice little jog going, regularly checking in with me – “mummy, are you sweaty?”.  Apparently that is how to tell if you have been for a run.

We had a couple of tissue stops (the 2yr old), paused for a few minutes at the 400m mark to wait for daddy to pass by again so we could clap and cheer him on.  The tail runner passed us at this point, checking whether we were planning on doing the full course or not.  Since we weren’t, she kept moving on while we got ourselves sorted out to start moving again.

Another tissue stop, a few reminders to “keep left”, some water breaks – “I’m running out of energy, mummy. I need some water.”  Then I was informed that a toilet was needed.  Just keep going a bit further.  Distracted by a playground. “Can we come back here, mummy?”  And we made it as far as we were going to.  Just short of one kilometre.  The 2 year old pressed stop on the Garmin and we rushed off so the 3 year old could do her wee.  Then it was off to the playground!

The numbers:

  • Distance: 940m
  • Time: 15 minutes

The important bit – they enjoyed themselves and want to go back again. Maybe we will make it all the way through the first kilometre next time!

2016-06-11 19.02.59


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