Manly to Spit

An overcast morning meant that it was a much warmer morning than we have been having recently.  We parked the car at The Spit leaving jumpers in the car and just carrying the necessities – bus tickets, phone, car key, a little emergency cash and the most important thing, jelly beans.

A bus turned up almost straight away and whisked us off to Manly, a quick toilet stop and we headed off.  A slow and steady pace for the first couple of k’s on bike paths and roads before getting on to the trail.  We passed probably less than a dozen people along the entire trail – benefit of running mid week and with the threat of rain.

The view back to Manly

The view back to Manly

I haven’t been this way for probably close to five years and have never run it before.  The first part of the trail is all uphill, lots of steps and slow going.  Then it’s a rapid descent down the other side.  Although there continues to be ups and downs, steep steps, narrow sections, some mud, slippery rocks, everything needed to make sure you keep your mind on what your doing.

Steps, steps and more steps

Steps, steps and more steps

My breathing was a lot better this time, I think the varied pace works a lot better for me than trying to maintain steady pace for an entire run at the moment.  I started struggling around the 8km mark, but since we had to get back to our car, we kept moving and picked up the pace whenever we could.  My legs were definitely feeling it as well, longest run in quite a while!

My jelly bean fueling worked well, three jelly beans throughout the run giving me just enough of a boost to keep going.  We kept going for the full 10km, then ducked across the road for a well earned “snack” from Jimmy’s at the Spit.


  • Distance: 10km
  • Time: 1hr 35m
  • Elevation: 190m

Oh! And I FINALLY got to test out my new shoes!  My new Asics were a dream. Just as comfortable as the old pair.  Very slight rubbing in a couple of places, but nothing that bothered me while actually running.  I think these will be seeing a lot of use in the future.

Recover after the run was hard though.  My body is feeling the effects of doing two runs this week after a month off exercise and still having a few issues with the asthma.  My legs felt heavy as lead, mind was a bit frazzled for a few hours.  A midday nap seemed to sort things out though and a well deserved glass of wine this evening.


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