Back on my Feet Again

First run in four weeks done!  It was short, flat and just a bit hard.  Not helped by forgetting to use my inhaler this morning, so breathing was definitely more difficult than it needed to be.  But it’s done.  And now I get back to getting on with things, working on my fitness, etc, etc.

Nick and I have the week off, our version of a holiday – the girls stay in daycare and have a “home holiday” for ourselves.  So this morning after dropping the girls off, we continued on to Bicentennial Park and took ourselves for a 5-6km slow and steady run.  It was lovely running new paths, weaving our way over the boardwalk through the mangroves, then along the bike paths.  The final stretch was a climb up some steps – very poor route planning on my part – and a final push to hit exactly 5km at our car.

And so convenient.  We just happened to have parked right near the cafe for a post run muffin and drink!

My legs were fine, I think I woke them up on the exercise bike on the weekend.  I struggled with my breathing the whole time though which wasn’t much fun.  My heart rate jumped for more than a kilometre at the start before settling back to a normal 160ish.  A slight pull from my right achilles again towards the end, but otherwise everything worked as it should.  A decent enough start.

  • Distance: 5km
  • Time: 36:10
  • Elevation: 18m

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