Yay – Exercising Again

With a long, wet winter forecast, a job that has me leaving around dawn and getting home after dark, I needed to find some way of getting in some regular exercise during the week this winter.  Then there’s the added bonus of Nick traveling for work occasionally which means that I can’t get out of the house to even run around the oval.  Last year was dismal, I think I ran on average twice a month and didn’t do anything else.

This winter will be different.  We hired an exercise bike for 3 months and tonight I gave it a test run.  30 minutes on program 4, average RPM of 75 – which gave me approx 14km with average heart rate 107, bike told me around 300 calories, while the garmin tells me only 130.  Recovery was easy, my quads definitely felt it though.  Felt really good to be moving again though and should help keep my legs in shape while I can’t run as frequently.


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