A Little Rain Forecast for the Weekend

As if it wasn’t enough that I haven’t run for over three weeks  That my breathing still isn’t quite 100%.  That the distance is going to be a push anyway.  That a slight re-route to the course means an increase of close to 200m of elevation.

The weather forecast is now for HUGE amounts of rain.  Up to 40mm on Saturday and on race day, Sunday, up to 90mm!  Oh, and it will be cold.

It means a lot of mud.  It means wet shoes before the race even starts.  And without question it means my goal time is shot.  I’m actually ok with the last bit as I wrote off that when I was injured.

So what are my expectations or hopes?  I hope that I get to run.  I hope that I get to finish.  With the weather and course change, if I finish in the same time as last year, then I’ll be happy.  If I can get under 2hr 30min, then I’ll call it a win.

Bring on Great NOSH Footrace for 2016!


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