A Twist in the Story

And now it’s nearly three weeks since I’ve been for a run.  Damn sore throat lingered and took a turn for the worse.  Finally dragged my butt off to the doctor at the persistent urging of my husband.  Cough must have sounded pretty bad as the doctor barely believed me when I said I wasn’t coughing up anything.  Then she took a listen to what was going on, chest is clear (yay!) but airways are “quite constricted”.

Diagnosis – you have asthma.  What?!?!  Here’s a script for a puffer. Two puffs, twice a day for a week, then two puffs daily for a week, then if feeling better stop otherwise keep going for another week.  I forgot to ask any other questions though…  silly me, because now I have about a million!

It helped pretty much immediately, pretty amazing to sleep through the night again after three nights sitting up on the lounge.  Now to get back to the doctor again so that I can ask all my questions and find out how I manage things.

My biggest concern, of course, is that I ended up signing us up to the Great Nosh Footrace which is NEXT WEEKEND!  No way in hell I’ll be hitting anywhere near my goal for this year, at this point I’ll be happy to just make it to the end.  Oh well, there’s always next year.


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