More inspiration

Still no running, but I did sign us up for Great Nosh Footrace even though I’m not sure we will be up for it.  Gotta try!

I’ve been perusing the Ultra Trail Australia (UTA) site and searching for race recaps and reviews so that I can get a bit excited about an amazing “one day” race held nearby.  I had a quick scan through some of the results, looking for some names I’m starting to recognise and admiring the achievements of some of the women out there.

One person I’ve started following had a DNF which is a shame, would love to know the story behind it.  Then I stumbled across another name I recognised – my GP!  Out there doing the 100km! And she came first in her age group (60+) – how inspiring is that!  Then another name that I recognise from orienteering – she did the 50km and ALSO came first in her age group.  Talk about inspiring women!


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