Not Running

I feel like I’m confessing… My name is Kim, and I haven’t been for a run for 12 days.  It started with a throat infection courtesy of a three year old with tonsilitis.  Last week was a blur of being back at work and not quite being better.

I had planned a 12km run this weekend, a one way run through the national park meeting Nick and the girls at the end for a play in a park.  Up until Friday, I thought this was still going to happen then I succumbed to my cold and the whole weekend has been spent miserably coughing my lungs up and unable to sleep.  I’ve spent the nights on the lounge getting what rest I can as lying down to sleep just makes it worse.

The final straw came Sunday morning with the air filled with smoke – burning off exactly at the mid point of my planned route!  Not that I was in any shape to run anyway.

The Great Nosh Footrace is now only two weeks away and I’m in two minds as to whether to enter or not.  I had hoped to have a couple more long runs under my belt and, unlike last year, to not be sick in the lead up.  I’m pretty sure we will still go ahead and run, but certainly won’t be reaching anywhere near my goal time for it.  At this point, I think I will be grateful just to finish – which is pretty much where I was at with it last year…


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