Longest run in a while

Been a few weeks since I have done a longer run (all relative, 10km IS long for me) and I needed to get out there and just run, not orienteering which I seem to be getting slower and slower at.

I decided to re-run part of my last 10km, but do the rest a little differently to see if I could put together the distance staying on trails and avoiding the rough section that gave me grief before.  It was chilly out there this morning and the capri’s made their first appearance for the year, luckily it didn’t take long to warm up though.

I started with a downhill stair run into the valley.  It was a gorgeous autumn morning, crisp and clear, the birds were making a racquet and the track was damp but not overly muddy after recent rain (phew!).  The air was cold and the wind was up, it was sheltered down low, but every now and then a gust of warm air would reach me.  I guess summer isn’t quite ready to disappear just yet.


I could feel my calf was still a bit tight, but this time it didn’t get any worse, no pain, nothing – yay!  I love the little creek crossing pictured above, although I don’t think it would be too good after serious rain.  After that it’s the push on up the damn hill – steps, rocks, tree roots and all.  Eighty metres of elevation in around 1.5km definitely made this the slow section of the run.

Made it to the top and was looking forward to the long downhill, took a quick water stop and then relaxed and headed off down the trail.  Bliss.  This is why I run, this is what I enjoy about it.  Most of the trail is hard packed, with the occasional sandy section and a few rock outcrops, then the long, steep drop off the ridge back down again – I’m glad it’s been surfaced, because it was covered in pine needles and would be damn steep, slippery and rocky otherwise.

Then it was back to the main track again for a little way and then the loooooong, slow uphill out of the valley.  That sucked to do right at the end, I’m a little under the weather at the moment and was struggling by this point – nearly 9km into things.


Made it to the top of the hill, picked up the pace again and had my final goal in my sight.  But – the garmin was telling me I had only done 9.7km, so I ran the extra 300m as an out and back (flat!) and finished up at the local shops.  Time for a well earned snack – coke and a donut, post run fueling of champions, well, me anyway!

It was a bit slower than I had hoped, but I’ll forgive myself today as I think I might be getting tonsillitis (thanks to my 3yr old), so just happy to make it through in one piece.

The numbers:

  • Distance: 10km
  • Time: 1:24:16
  • Elevation: 170m

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