I love numbers.  I find them endlessly fascinating and running produces a continuous stream of data to view, compare and put together in a multitude of ways.  So here are some of mine…

Last year I managed a total of 356km in a little over 50 hours of running and 3500m of elevation gained.

So far this year I am 1km off 200km and just shy of 30 hours on my feet and 2500m elevation gained so far.

The past 12 months (I love this running total that Garmin gives me!) I am at 422km  with 59 hours running and 4700m elevation.

My aim for the year is to hit 500km and keep the running “past 12 months” total over that mark.  I haven’t thought about any goals for hours on feet or elevation I’d like to hit.  Maybe just see what I can hit this year and look at elevation goals next year.

For May – I did a huge month in May last year, hitting around 55km (last year I was lucky to hit 30km in most months).  So far I’m only at 11km.  The plan is to try and get 3 x 10-12km runs in to prepare for a trail race in early June, along with a few shorter runs, so maybe I will still get there.


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