More Orienteering?

So I’ve been bad and haven’t been for a run this week.  Every evening, I plan to head out the next day, then I get caught up in other things, or people post a photo of a red bellied black snake sunbathing on my local trail… Probably just as well we have an orienteering event today or I would talk my way out of another run.

Actually, I was scrolling through eventor again the other day and it’s been updated with several more orienteering events over the next couple of months.  So just as we thought we had a month off and might finally get back along to Parkrun again, I’ve managed to find two more weekends with something to go to.

Looks like we can take the girls along too for a couple of them which will be a lot of fun – out first chance to introduce them to orienteering.  Not too sure what the 2yr old will think of it, but our 3yr old is going to love the chance to run with mummy or daddy and use a map as well!

Now just to make sure I take advantage of the opportunity to go for a decent run this week!


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