Post MetrO

Overall, we didn’t do too badly for our first visit to a MetrOLeague event.  Nick came in 18th and I was 21st in a field of 39.  The winner finished in 30 mins, the longest person was in 1hr 22min.  Admittedly, I think I would have been a fair bit longer and struggled a bit more on my own.

I think next time I will let Nick run Div 4 on his own and I’ll drop back to Div 5 and work on my map reading a bit more.  See how we both go solo!  It’s a while before there’s another one we can get to, but the aim this year is to only get to a couple and see what it’s all about.

While running and cranky, I felt bad for Nick, it can’t be too much fun running with someone who’s a bit snippy and grumpy.  I did apologise and his response was perfect.  He was outside, running trails, map in hand, with me beside him – this was his happy place.  He just wished I was enjoying it more.  Just what I needed to hear, and I should enjoy it more in the future knowing what a little more what to expect, although my plan has us running separately!  Ah well, can’t have everything.


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