Round and Round and Round

I think winter evening runs are going to get terribly repetitive.  Tonight it was short and sharp.  Two lap warm up of the local oval, 8 x 100m intervals with 100m fast walk between and a one lap cool down.  All fitted in just under 20 minutes.  One hell of an audience though.  Soccer training has started with a vengeance and the parents were out in force tonight as well.

Start of the run was hard, first two intervals were the slowest, but I got into a rhythm and ran all of the rest at around 3:10-3:30min/km pace – very fast for me!  I tried to push my legs to go just a little faster in the last interval, but they just weren’t having it.  I left nothing out there.  Awesome way to burn of a stressful week at workround and round


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