For what felt like a really good run, the results weren’t great.  In Masters Women category, I came sixth out of six.  Overall it was equal 38th out of 68 (I think).  Checking out the names of those who beat me, it was pretty much a list of the women that far outclass me every week in Summer Series though, so I really shouldn’t be surprised.

Just shows me that there’s plenty of room to improve – which isn’t really surprising!

On the plus side, I did get my Garmin date issue sorted out. The “usual” suggested fixes from Strava didn’t work, however we found an app called Golden Cheetah.  Import the FIT file to the app, change the dates, then export as a TCX.  Upload and done!  Just like magic.  And my run is now spread out to the various places, distances updated and I’m happy again.

Knapsack Gully

For what was a fun run but felt terribly slow, we ended up doing ok.  We didn’t come last, which I had expected.  We came 13 out of 15 on our course, with 2 DNF.  And a lot of the times were not too far off ours – two were less than a minute faster than us, a further two were within 5 minutes and there was only one finisher in under an hour.


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