Goals – Part 3

2x Metro League

More orienteering.  These are held in various bush locations around Sydney.  There are league tables for the clubs who have teams competing at the five different levels.  There’s also an option to “enter on the day” and have a run just for the experience – this is what we want to do this year.  The aim is to have a go at something a little different and get an idea of what’s involved.



A free, timed 5km event, run entirely by volunteers and held every Saturday morning at various locations around Sydney, Australia and the world!  I think I made it there about six times last year, with my last two runs around mid-year and both being a sub-30 minute run.  This year I’ve convinced my husband to give it a go and we will go when we can, taking it in turns to run each week.  There’s a fantastic playground at our local one with great paths for our girls to scooter along as well.  I’m currently hitting about the 31:00 – 31:30 mark and my aim is to get back to sub-30’s on a regular basis.


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