Weekend Wander

This weekend the plan was to run long and slow, explore a new route and see what sort of elevation it had and how much distance it would add to my usual trail loop.  Timing was to be dependent on weather and whatever other plans we came up with.  So I ended up heading off 3:30pm on Sunday – better late than never!

First couple of k’s were a standard path – bit of road then on to trail.  Only sewer remediation is being done in the area and the lovely quiet trail now stinks and a large section has been resurfaced, some of it well, some of it terribly.  Not nearly as nice as it used to be.  Then a different turn off, a couple of creek crossings, a stop to check the map and ask some bushwalkers for directions and I hit the bush steps.  And more steps, and more steps.2016-04-11 08.33.27

My left calf/achilles started playing up on this bit – I was taking it easy, only walking any uphill sections and was only in the third kilometre.  This really wasn’t a good sign.  But, I needed this run for my sanity.  It was my moment of quiet in a hectic, toddler fueled weekend and I was determined to make 10km, even if I had to walk the whole thing.

I reached the road at the top of the hill and turned down it to end up on some lovely fire trail.  Gently downhill, on wide, well graded trail, this was easy running.  I took it slowly, the calf still bothering me and stopped to check out the view a couple of times.  Then I hit the steep downhill sections, really felt for the guy on a mountain bike slogging his way back up.  And back on to my usual trail.  The new section added close to four kilometres and about 100m in elevation.

2016-04-11 08.32.38

I’ve pulled up sore – the leg isn’t happy with me, although icing has helped a little.  hopefully a decent sleep will see it better by morning.

  • Distance: 10km
  • Time: 1:32:58
  • Elevation: 140m

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