Home Run

I have a number of routes near home that I just refer to as “Home Run” with the distance a the front.  This evening, I got home from work, put my gear on and headed straight out for a much needed run.  My watch took aaaaages to pick up satellites but finally got them just as I was about to give up.  I set off undecided as to whether I was doing 5km Home Run or 6km Home Run.  By the end of the first kilometre I had decided this was a 5km run.

It started off hard, as it always does.  And then it just felt good.  Really good.  I had two planned walk breaks, switched my watch on to just show me heart rate details and refused to check my splits.  Tonight was just about running.  About pushing it a bit for the first time in a couple of months and enjoying the fact that it wasn’t so damn hot anymore!

I finished hard (for me) and checked the numbers:

  • Distance: 5km
  • Time: 31:31
  • Elevation: 24m (nice and flat)
  • Fastest km: 5:51

I actually had two splits under 6 mins, it’s a long time since that happened!


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