Goals – Part 1

SSS – Sydney Summer Series

This is an orienteering series that has been running for 25 years this year!  Every Wednesday evening during daylight savings the Summer Series runs its 45 minute course.  30 control points are carefully scattered throughout the area, a basic topographical map at 1:10,000 or 1:7500 is provided showing the location of the controls.  You plan your route taking in as many of the controls, which have three different point levels, as you think you can in the time limit for a max score of 600 with points deducted for every minute (or part thereof) late. Then off you go, registering a control visit with an SI stick so that your results at the end are instant.  My aim for this season was to reach 7km in the 45 minutes.  Most weeks my husband and I manage to run together.  It’s a really tough run for me and a medium run for him.  Several times we have run separately as well, but when I’m not injured I definitely prefer running together!


2-3 Rogaines

Rogaines are like orienteering only much, much bigger!  Generally done in teams(yay, just the two of us, kid free for a few hours!) over three, six, twelve or even 24 hours, prior to this year I had taken part in a three hour event and a six hour event (we made it to 4:30 in this one, which was longer than I expected).  This year we want to do at least two, preferably more.  This one is in the bag!  A 6 hour event in February – walking only  under strict instructions from physio – and we signed up for the “short” three hour event this weekend.  Nearly didn’t make it, but got there in the end.  Hopefully we can get in one or more of the others later in the year, although they will be a little further afield which starts getting tricky.


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