Sydney Summer Series Finale

Yesterday saw the last Summer Series event for this season.  This was my final chance to get my attended events up to the required 12 (out of 26!) to be considered in the rankings.  I’ll still come last of those who ran at least 12 events, but just making it to 12 is my achievement!

The finale was held from Lane Cove Golf Club, my husband couldn’t make it due to work commitments, so for possibly only the third time I had to do my complete course plotting on my own.  This makes me incredibly anxious and my mind runs in so many circles that I stop thinking straight and can’t focus on the task at hand.  I came up with a rough idea – it was a long way round and wouldn’t give me as many points as other options, but with time constraints I knew I just had to get going.

With the wonderful in-laws keeping an eye on my girls while I ran, I headed off.  My mind almost instantly calmed as I got on with things.  Overshot the first pot, second was in a tunnel which had been lit up with fairy lights!  On to a massive stair climb (2 seconds faster than last year – really?? that’s all?!) and then into the chain of going from one control to the next, sticking to the plan, even when it wasted a bit of time.

It was hard work.  I hadn’t hydrated enough during the day, it was hot and my shins were giving me grief.  Coming down the last line through the bush was loads of fun – all downhill, lots of pauses as the last thing I wanted to do was fly past a control and have to backtrack.  So I was back on the greens with 1:30 to go – not long enough to make it to the finish in time.

Came in with a score of 290, 2 minutes over (adjusted score 270) and bang on 5km with 80m elevation.  Not a great score, but good enough since I’ve been taking it easier over the last month post calf injury.   And I have my 12 events in for the season.

Checking results as they stood last week, I will stay in seventh position in Masters Women.  If they get strict on the 12 events, then I’m up at least one spot, maybe 2.  Now to wait for the updates!


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